Saturday, July 30, 2011

Blue Lotus Flowers

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Blue Lotus Flowers - The blue lotus was native to the Nile and used to be abundant. Its narrow, pointed petals and round, spotted leaves appear as the more common lotus in every conceivable opportunity for Egyptian artistic imagery. Often the leaf spots are not shown, or even the leaf. The white lotus' rounded petals appear with round, scalloped edge leaves. The red lotus was introduced to Egypt from Persia in later dynasties.
The lotus flower symbol
The lotus flower symbol has deep, mythic meaning for many cultures.The lotus blossom has been revered, attributed to deities, and meditated on for thousands of years. The mystical lotus bloom appears in poetry, the writings of saints and sages, on temple walls, and as a central concept in several world religions. What is it about this flower, above all others, that causes so many to color it with spiritual signifigance?

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